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Since 1980 we have specialized in hard to obtain, low quantity and small sizes of tempered and high temperature fireplace replacement glass, recessed screens and replacement wood stove glass.  We sell glass suitable for use in industrial high temperature applications as well.  Products for high temperature applications we sell include ceramic and borosilicate glass as well as quartz and mica. We also have the capability to supply tempered glass sizes as small as 1" square.

Our recessed fireplace screens are custom made to fit any fireplace opening. Our fireplace curtain mesh is available in virtually any size in a variety of weaves and materials.


Custom Sizing

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Our customization services make any fabrication possible, from complex shapes to adding holes and polished edges. Need a special order for your replacement inventory?  We are here to problem solve and provide whatever you need.


Made to Order

One size doesn’t fit all. Our recessed fireplace screens are all custom-made to ensure a perfect enclosure for your fireplace opening.  We also feature a range of fireplace curtain mesh in in a variety sizes, weaves and materials to further customize your hearth.


Hi-Temp Glass

Heating stoves use several types of glass.  Stove glass breaks into large straight pieces. The product usually found in wood/coal/pellet and some gas stoves is a 1380 degree ceramic glass with a brand such as Pyroceram, Robax, or Neoceram.

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